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    Patrick Kane

    Need a feeder, thinking DC40

    Thread Starter: Patrick Kane

    Looking to buy a feeder for my Felder KF700(finally). I think i might end up getting the tilting bracket for the felder too, but that is another point. First up, i dont have much shaper experience, which is why im buying the feeder. This model by comatic seems to be favorably reviewed, and i was...

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    Erich Weidner

    Glued up Bartop Slab Attachment... Help?

    Thread Starter: Erich Weidner

    Hello, I'm an amateur woodworker and small business owner (not related). I own a bar/coffee house and we are moving into a new bigger space. In the new location, I've hired an experienced trim carpenter to build the bartop. It has a fairly deep overhang customer side (15"). Resultingly, for...

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    Thomas Wilson

    The Hall of the Mountain King

    Thread Starter: Thomas Wilson

    My dream shop is beginning to become a real shop. We have a contract and schedule for delivery of the timber frame structure. The builder has permits for the utilities. He has begun clearing the lot. We should have the stakes in the ground today to mark the house and septic field. This is...

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    Scott Winners

    About sharpening handsaws

    Thread Starter: Scott Winners

    There is some agitation in another area here to opening a sub forum specific to sharpening. I am far too new to have a valued opinion on the subject, though I am in favor. I can generally apply a rule of thirds when I take up a new thing. For joinery, sharpening saws turns out to be easy for...

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    Chuck Wintle

    automobile oil filters...

    Thread Starter: Chuck Wintle

    Have heard recently that Fram oli filters are not that good contrary to what I had believed. So who is making good filters these days? I need to change the oil in my car so the question as to brand is good....:D

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    Wade Lippman

    How hard is it to drive on the left?

    Thread Starter: Wade Lippman

    We are thinking of going to Dominica next winter and they drive on the left. If anyone has done that on vacation, how hard is it? I don't expect they have much traffic there, but still... I find it hard to downhill ski after a day of XC, but my wife does most of the driving and she is more...

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