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    Patrick Walsh

    Vintage Martin T75 restoration

    Thread Starter: Patrick Walsh

    So I have a opportunity to purchase the above machine for a fair deal from my employer. I am aware of the phenolic guides being pop riveted I the the sliding table along with not availible for replacement. So my question is as follows to those in the know with regard to the phenolic ways....

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    Chris Kalnasy

    8" Jointer Options

    Thread Starter: Chris Kalnasy

    So I have scoured thread after thread regarding 8" jointers. Right now I am landing with the Grizzly G0858 Parallelogram Helical head. Is there anything else in that price range that far surpasses the grizzly unit? And yes I am shopping new as to have a warranty with it unless it was some...

    Last Post By: Allan Speers Yesterday, 1:20 PM Go to last post
    Jon Snider

    New shop build, the MBS

    Thread Starter: Jon Snider

    I’ve received some offline encouragement to post some content of my new shop build. If you’ve read any of my other numerous questions (thx all for invaluable help), I’ve been at this since last April. Here is an effort to slowly catch up. The shop replaces the same spot where I built a veggie...

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    Drew Sanderson

    Why get DW735 planer?

    Thread Starter: Drew Sanderson

    The DeWalt DW735 seems to be a default choice planer and putting in the byrd head is nice upgrade. Thirteen inch width is plenty for me. Is there something else I should consider? Is it "enough"? Am I missing out having something "beefier". My prior planer was a woodmaster 18". It wasn't great in...

    Last Post By: Marc Jeske Yesterday, 11:39 PM Go to last post
    Allan Speers

    Is a 1.5 HP cyclone enough for my gargage shop?

    Thread Starter: Allan Speers

    I know this has been asked many, many times, but I'm hoping for opinions on my specific setup: I have a typical hobbyist 2-car garage-shop. I only use 1 machine at a time. My biggest chip producer is a 12", 3 HP Powermatic 100 planer. I also have a 3 HP Unisaw and a 21", 5 HP bandsaw, but...

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    Steve Reich

    Feit LED Shop Lights on Sale at Costco

    Thread Starter: Steve Reich

    A number of recent threads have been about replacing fluorescent shop lights with LED. A number of you have recommended the Feit LED shop lights sold at Costco. I received my Costco Savings Coupon Book in the mail yesterday, and it announces that starting on April 17, those Feit 4-foot LED 4K will...

    Last Post By: David L Morse Yesterday, 7:48 AM Go to last post
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    Jon Snider

    New shop build, the MBS

    I put up a ledger board on the south wall before the stucco lath was installed. I hope in the future to add a small shed roof here to store dories and

    Jon Snider Today, 5:25 AM Go to last post
    Jon Snider

    New shop build, the MBS

    Pic of the “bomb cyclone” that came through a few weeks ago.

    Thought this was a neat look at how much of the country

    Jon Snider Today, 5:07 AM Go to last post
    Jon Snider

    New shop build, the MBS

    City Glass windows came in finally. Went the double pane route. Needed two friends to help me trim these in place but I’m glad I decided to go so big

    Jon Snider Today, 4:56 AM Go to last post
    Mark Daily

    JDS 750 Air Cleaner - remote control replacement?

    I looked online but didn’t see any kind of “generic” or 3rd party remote. I have a Jet AFS 1000B and found replacement remotes for it at bizjettools.com

    Mark Daily Today, 3:31 AM Go to last post
    Rick Potter

    Jessem Doweling jig

    I have been on the fence for a couple years about getting a high quality doweling jig. Tonight I opened an e-mail from Infinity Tools, offering a 15%

    Rick Potter Today, 3:30 AM Go to last post