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    Alex Zeller

    Powermatic 8 jointer 60b vs 60c

    Just a guess but maybe the B and C could just mean what company made it. I think (but could be wrong) the A was the US made one and the C is made in

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    Keith Outten

    Change to Forum?

    Not sure about this one, i wonder if adding the new FOTV Forum has caused the problem. Aaron will be here today, I will ask him to take a look.

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    Curt Harms

    Odd plumbing leak

    Maybe put some food coloring in the bowl and flush it. See if the drips are colored. If not, food coloring in the tank and flush that. I wouldn't think

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    Alex Zeller

    What 8" jointer would you get and why?

    Like most things when it comes to woodworking there's no shortage of different ways to make a project. I'm always adjusting the infeed table. I have

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    Steven Cooper2

    Do you use a braking resistor?

    the drill press has a stop time of 1 second and have had no issues with it.

    On the table saw, I'm at 4 seconds, and it works well with both

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