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    Clarence Martinn

    Which Air Filtration is Better??

    Thread Starter: Clarence Martinn

    The Grizzly G0738 or Shop Fox W1830 - Hanging Air Filter The tools that create the most airborne dust , are my Wood Lathes. The old Air filtration system I had, was an old Ridgid Canister air filter. They don't make those anymore. So, looking for a similar ...

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    John Terefenko

    Electric Cars

    Thread Starter: John Terefenko

    For those that own electric cars a few questions?? Do you like your choice as opposed to having a gas operated one? Would you do it again? Did you have to make changes to your insurance plans, both vehicle and home? If so what? Being there is a higher risk with battery fires from charging and now...

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    John Goodin

    Thoughts on new Woodpeckers DP Pro Drill Press Fence

    Thread Starter: John Goodin

    Does anyone have experience or thoughts about the new woodpecker drill press fence? Basically it is hollow aluminum rectangle tube with with an opening in the center and attachment for a shop vac on the end. This allows the fence to be a conduit for dust collection. The link below also show the...

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    Bandsaw for small shop

    Thread Starter: JOEL MONGEON

    Hello everyone, I'm a hobbyist working out of a one car garage (12X19) shop. I have mostly been building up a Festool tool collection with some hand tools thrown into the mix. I've got a Sawstop JSS pro that I use for ripping but am looking to replace that with my first and hopefully last bandsaw....

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    Tom Bender

    What's a kilopascal?

    Thread Starter: Tom Bender

    A kilopascal is a measurement of pressure, similar to psi. It's a commonly used metric term, but for the mechanically minded it is not clear, like grams per square centimeter would be. Atmospheres (bar) is useful also. For a rocket scientist, kilopascal is more convenient when working in places...

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    Luke Dupont

    Questions about Scandinavian Benches, etc.

    Thread Starter: Luke Dupont

    Hi guys, I've been contemplating starting back up my apartment woodworking endeavors, which were so costly and difficult before. But, I like making things... So, I'm ordering some chisels, a bit and brace, and an antique dovetail saw and No. 2 Stanley Bailey (Expensive, but I'm not going to be...

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