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    Jerome Stanek

    Glowforge release

    Thread Starter: Jerome Stanek

    I was wondering if Glowforge has sent out any units yet. I thought they were supposed to release the middle of December.

    Last Post By: Bert Kemp Yesterday, 10:52 PM Go to last post
    Bill Space

    Switch to Metric? Yes or No

    Thread Starter: Bill Space

    Hi. In a recent thread I remember someone saying "I just switched to metric and I am lovin' it " (Jim Becker maybe?) That got me thinking. I am familiar with the metric system. But not sure what there is to Love about switching to it. If I am making multiple pieces I use stops of some...

    Last Post By: Chris Parks Yesterday, 6:46 PM Go to last post
    Stew Hagerty

    Coping Sled Dilemma

    Thread Starter: Stew Hagerty

    I need a coping sled. I thought about building one but, after estimating the cost of toggle clamps, phenolic, aluminum plate, and lexan, I decided I might as well by a good one. After some research, I have narrowed it down to 2 candidates. Based on reviews and by the way they look, It is down...

    Last Post By: Randy Henry Yesterday, 10:03 AM Go to last post
    Gary Campbell

    The "Ultimate Tabletop Machine" for Woodworkers

    Thread Starter: Gary Campbell

    There are a lot of guys here that use CNC machines for woodworking or signmaking and I would like to know what some of your "wish list" features would be. Most currently manufactured table top (~24 x 36) machines use NEMA23 motors and smaller components in able to fit a price point for the size...

    Last Post By: Gary Campbell Yesterday, 9:20 AM Go to last post
    Brian Byers

    Dust collection

    Thread Starter: Brian Byers

    As I set up my shop I've been looking at a variety of tools. I've been reading all the old threads and asking questions. I've never used dust collection. If I had extra money I wanted to buy another tool😁. Recently I've been more aware of a need to protect myself. Originally I was going to get...

    Last Post By: Jim Becker Yesterday, 11:13 AM Go to last post
    John C Cox

    Show me your chisel racks

    Thread Starter: John C Cox

    Hey guys, I need to make a bench top or wall mounted chisel rack and need some ideas... What is your favorite one you have made? Pix please. :D :D Also - do you do anything differently for socket chisels vs tang chisels. I would hate to find the beautiful socket chisel irons all...

    Last Post By: Bill McNiel Yesterday, 10:38 PM Go to last post
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    2. Infinity Professional Coping Sled (Votes: 16)

    3. Neither - Who needs a sled anyway? (Votes: 10)

    4. Both - Why buy only one when you can have two at twice the price? (Votes: 2)

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    Dave Sabo

    Spaceship command center!

    Til a customer cuts himself on the one errant rivet or undressed edge you forgot.

    Dave Sabo Today, 1:35 AM Go to last post
    Kev Williams

    Electric Bill

    Our home is our business. What I have here that burns electricity:
    8 computers
    10 CNC rotary tool engravers
    3 C02 lasers
    1 Fiber

    Kev Williams Today, 1:35 AM Go to last post
    Ian Stewart-Koster

    Problem engraving.

    That looks like terrible backlash.
    There is a setting in many controllers, where you can edit it and type in the amount of offset, (in millimetres)

    Ian Stewart-Koster Today, 1:34 AM Go to last post
    Dave Sabo

    Hanging Wall Cabinets

    this is EXACTLY the type of wall in which a hanging rail system excels. How long is is it going to take you to find the high point(s) on the wavy wall

    Dave Sabo Today, 1:30 AM Go to last post
    Randall J Cox

    Min Max s45

    I have a green s45 and it has a 1.8 HP single phase motor. Bought it (jumped on it actually) locally when it showed up on CL about 8 miles away for $525,

    Randall J Cox Today, 1:20 AM Go to last post