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    Rob Luter

    Home protection

    We are a house divided. I’m a Glock guy. My bride favors Smith and Wesson. They are secondary to an ADT security system. We would prefer to never

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    Mark Gibney

    what model planer to buy?

    Jim I sometimes wonder if the serrated feed rollers on the industrial machines can be replaced with a rubber roller to avoid the marring that can happen

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    Malcolm McLeod

    Home protection

    'so far' is (was) perhaps key. Hopefully things will improve - for Rick's sake.

    I work for a United States Marine. 'nuf said!

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    Jim Becker

    Belt Sander Advice

    I have the Bosch 3x21. It's a nice tool. I just haven't used it in many years as there are very few situations where it's the right tool for me. I'd likely

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    Jim Becker

    Home protection

    I am not a firearm owner. With that out of the way, I've been told by a number of friends who are "very into" such things that for home protection,

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