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    Frederick Skelly

    Round over cast iron?

    I guess you'd need a carbide bit for that Joe? Any idea of what speed to use? Small, light passes? (Sorry. I don't have much metalworking knowledge.)

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    Joe Calhoon

    Round over cast iron?

    I remember a post where Mark Hennebury used a router to cut a hole in a cast iron Maka. Seems like a router with a small round over bit might

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    Michael Mills

    R.I.P. Friction Drive?

    It seems the Friction Drive has just about met its demise as far as I can tell.

    At one time there were Jam Chucks and Friction Drives.

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    Frederick Skelly

    Tool Storage Systems

    Hi Matt.
    I wasn't 100% clear. You're looking for a mobile storage solution, right? Something like Systainers but not that much $?

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    Matthew Carver

    Tool Storage Systems

    Who do you think has the best tool storage solution? I've got a Heinz 57 of tool brands and I'd like to start investing in one so storage and parts all

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