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    Rob Luter

    Hexclad cookware

    Do you use the Saucier on the left side much? I've been eyeing one but I'm not sure it would get used often enough.

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    Jim Becker

    Red "violin" finish - or something like that!

    I'll add that Target Coatings just re-introduced some dye stains that look interesting and will have some dye/pigments options in the near future, too.

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    Rob Luter

    Hexclad cookware

    Something I learned cooking in restaurants. Once you get used to the right tools you can't have it any other way. At my house we have a selection of Griswold,

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    Jon Grider

    Hobbiest, Non-Commercial, Leased Shop Space

    Not sure if it's an option in your area, but "Maker Space" groups can be a viable alternative. I joined one for a while in 2019 pre covid because

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    Jim Becker

    Black Friday Purchase

    Prices are going to change all the time...but perhaps they will honor the "new" sale price, either with a refund back for the difference or

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