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    Lawrence Duckworth

    Pressure treated lumber

    $1,960 bucks....I remember buying 8@10 I beams in early 2003 for about the same foot price as a pt2x12..... good grief I just realized I sound like

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    Dave Zellers

    Stock market😰

    Trends can be crazy short. Bear market rally? That's when the smart money quietly exits the market. Inflation was roughly flat from the previous month

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    Brian Elfert

    Using a ground as a neutral

    It used to be common to use the ground as a neutral when an electrical item has both 240 and 120 volt parts in it. However, the NEC has required a separate

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    Zachary Hoyt

    Pressure treated lumber

    There were times during the price spikes of the last couple of years when PT 2x4x8s were less than plain ones on the Lowe's and HD web sites. Both were

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    Bruce Wrenn

    Weather Radar Speaks With Forked Tounge

    This morning, while at the beach doing a commode replacement, looked at the weather radar for our place. Showed EXTREMELY HEAVY RAIN, and did so for over

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