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    Jack Frederick

    Shop Heater Location???

    If you put the stat under or close to the unit, especially with a single stage burner that thing will short cycle to the point of driving you nuts and

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    Charles Lent

    Will this damage my miter saw?

    It hasn't affected mine in 10 + years, so I doubt that you will have any problems. My saw is A Delta, one of the last made before the company changed

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    Reed Gray

    Band Saw Blades

    The bimetal blades have teeth made from M42 HSS. The set of the teeth are what makes it a metal blade or a wood blade. The bimetal blades are what are

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    Jason Buresh

    Victorian style window making

    There was post here maybe a year ago about someone who had built a curved gothic window. I tried searching but had little success.

    I would

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    John K Jordan

    Weekly View of Old Sol

    Nice moon shot!

    I had to buy an adjustable weight bar to fit on the bottom of the telescope to balance the weight of the camera. It's

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