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    Tom M King

    Car Audio

    Thanks for this thread. I've been needing to change the receiver in my truck for years, with only the FM working for those years, but just didn't think

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    Rich Engelhardt

    Betterly straight edge connector for tracksaws

    I have the TSO connectors also.

    They no longer run $10 to $20 though - they are now $59. That's up from the $55 I paid for mine last September.

    Rich Engelhardt Today, 6:40 AM Go to last post
    dennis thompson

    We switched to Trex

    We have front, side and back porches. I got tired of refinishing them every few years and had them replaced with Trex. Wash them off each spring and I’m

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    Derek Cohen

    Car Audio

    Jim, without even comparing which head unit is better (and they appear similar in many ways), the PCCM is three times the price of the Alpine. I suspect

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    Derek Cohen

    Car Audio

    Thanks Greg

    The Alpine ilx-507a is a very up-to-date head unit - I needed to be sure that the technology will be around for several years.

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