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    Which Coping Sled is the Best (Votes: 44)

    1. Woodpeckers Coping Sled (Votes: 16)

    2. Infinity Professional Coping Sled (Votes: 16)

    3. Neither - Who needs a sled anyway? (Votes: 10)

    4. Both - Why buy only one when you can have two at twice the price? (Votes: 2)

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    Bert Kemp

    Glowforge release

    The picture of the purse was pointless, everything on it was precut individual pieces, nothing on it were accurate placement was important, it precut

    Bert Kemp Today, 7:31 PM Go to last post
    Matthew Curtis

    Duct sicze for Clear Vue 1800

    Doesn't the inlet size essentially determine/ limit the volume of gas regardless of duct size, and decreases velocity in the larger duct. looking at

    Matthew Curtis Today, 7:30 PM Go to last post
    Wade Lippman

    micro propane torch

    A butane refill is $5. How much do you use that $5 is cost prohibitive?

    Wade Lippman Today, 7:28 PM Go to last post
    lowell holmes

    Blue Grass Tools

    I just used my 7 oz. Bluegrass hammer while installing some wall mop hangers in a utility closet for SWMBO. I prefer hammers with wooden handles.

    lowell holmes Today, 7:20 PM Go to last post
    Dave Cav

    Physics problem: Snow blower & Iphone

    Warning: Thread hijack.

    A number of years ago I was rototilling with my 30 HP tractor and a 39" (Italian metric) rototiller that

    Dave Cav Today, 7:15 PM Go to last post