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    Chet R Parks

    Shooting board

    I have the Tico Voigt ramped shooting board working with the LV shooting plane. A joy to use and IMO you can't go wrong with LV tools. However, more

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    Thomas Wilson

    Shooting board

    I made a shooting board for the LN shooting plane. Striking a blow against pure-blooded elitism, I used the Veritas track with it. I will post a separate

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    Aaron Rosenthal

    Deck screws

    I've built many a deck using 300 series SS screws, and the best way I found to keep the cam out issue at bay was:
    Pre-drill with an appropriate

    Aaron Rosenthal Today, 1:02 AM Go to last post
    william walton

    Drill Press Table

    If you can afford one, the Albrecht chucki is the one you want. During my machinist apprenticeship, a friend bought one. The price was about $500 back

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    Thomas Wilson

    Organizing a tool board

    Wow, I haven't seen that one before. I shall show it to Janicewhokeepsmehumble and tell her that is the look I am trying for. JWKMH has already looked

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