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    glenn bradley

    Internet security

    True. The University system I work for uses Windows 10 Defender, AV and "suggests" Malwarebytes. I have run Win10 security tools plus Malwarebytes

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    Brian Holcombe

    Maka SM6-Pii


    In the same vein I was talking with the machine shop owner that because McMaster sorts parts by detailed specs that I tend to go

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    Dennis Tebo

    Pennsylvania Spice Box build

    Yes, I will need to practice the lettering. Thanks for the heads up on Ball and Ball, do you have a part number for the ones you used? What did you use

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    John K Jordan

    drum sander feed rate

    I do about the same, set the speed high and back off if the light flickers (Performax 22-44)

    I also use about 1/4 crank or less per pass,

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    Jim Becker

    What happened to the free reverse phone lookup?

    Aside from actual "need", such as alarm systems and elderly relatives like my mother who just cannot mentally change from calling a long-time

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