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    Jim OConnor

    How do you remove this sprocket

    Suggest you join the Felder Owners Group. Lots of people familiar with Felder engineering. I suspect someone has been down this path before and can

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    Jim Becker

    I guess the tradesmen are all pretty busy

    Yes, I think there is a big element of reality in Doug's statement, especially with the "mom and pop" contractors that just cannot keep up because

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    John Lifer

    Epilog 60w c02

    every solution to poor work by an Epilog begins with cleaning the encoder strip. This doesn't, but I'd do it anyway..... there is a good FB group for

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    Curt Harms

    How do you remove this sprocket

    If you have my luck, you'll have a master link. The clip will be on the inaccessible side . I don't know if there are different size/pitch standards

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    Prashun Patel

    Gun cleaner for waterborne?

    I use a solution of ethanol and windex. I would try either of these first. Acetone is great for softening hardened latex and maybe acrylic layers,

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