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    1. It's a shame, that could have been some really nice wide panels. (Votes: 17)

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    roger wiegand

    Dear Rob Lee - Website Fix Date?

    They probably had the guys at Amazon do it. It seems it's no longer possible to search for an exact match on amazon (the typical 'include the word in

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    Phil Mueller

    first time using sapele

    Not sure how dark you want to go, but as another point of reference, this is a guitar stand I did years ago finished with amber shellac. It’s a little

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    Prashun Patel

    So... what's this wood?

    I also agree about the smell. If it smells like a good scotch, or creamy then it’s white oak. If it is vinegary then it’s red. The vinegar odor

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    Curt Harms

    Led Headlights

    SWMBO collects 'art pottery' so heavy and fragile. You should see some of the packing jobs she has gotten, she's developed a high level of proficiency

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    MIchael Koesters

    Rigid Oscillating Belt Sander

    Thanks again for all of your suggestions. As far as dust collection goes, I use a small dust port, attached to the table top by the small thumbscrew

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