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    Jim Koepke

    Not in my Home!!!

    Thread Starter: Jim Koepke

    These home helpers have not appealed to me, now they seem even more treacherous: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/10/technology/alexa-siri-hidden-command-audio-attacks.html?action=click&module=Ribbon&pgtype=Article

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    John C Cox

    How do you guys get Aldi chisels to hold up?

    Thread Starter: John C Cox

    What's the secret sauce on these Aldi chisels guys? Paul Sellers sings the praises of these up and down - even going so far as to declare them close to equal to his favorite vintage chisels..... So far - they haven't really held up well for me.... But I am willing to try different things. ...

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    Mike Walsh

    (new) Rough Cut

    Thread Starter: Mike Walsh

    Tom McLaughlin (Epic Woodworking) sent out an email this morning that he'll be replacing Tommy MacDonald on Rough Cuts. The show is now partnered with Fine Woodworking and will be renamed Rough Cut with Fine Woodworking. Tom was a guest a few times on the old show and great to watch (IMO). Should...

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    Randy Heinemann

    Scraper Questions

    Thread Starter: Randy Heinemann

    I started turning bowls a little over a year ago. Mostly I have turned smaller bowls (no larger than 6") but am beginning to turn larger bowls. My lathe will accommodate up to a 12" bowl. Concerning scrapers . . . 1. There are round and half-round scrapers. It seems to me that the round...

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    Bram de Jong

    Tapered chisels & honing guide

    Thread Starter: Bram de Jong

    Hi all, Got the lovely honing guide from LN which is great for plane irons. However, most of my (old / second-hand) chisels are tapered... Are there any tricks for putting the tapered chisels into the honing guides? Bram

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    Steve Mathews

    SawStop 3hp or 5hp?

    Thread Starter: Steve Mathews

    I'm wrapping up the details of my next cabinet saw purchase but haven't decided yet whether to get the SawStop Industrial 3hp or 5hp. The 3hp cabinet saw I had previously served me well and never seemed to lack power. Rob Cosman in his review of the same saw stated he never had a situation where...

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  • Woodshop for Kids.....is not just woodworking

    Woodworkingfor Kids.....isnot just woodworking

    Kids need Hands On activities. Many like me, most engineers, woodworkers, electricians, mechanics and designers canít think without it. But in the last couple decades, with competition from computers, videos, video games, smartphones, school cutbacks, and emphasis on academics, hands on activities get short shift. Not that long ago Newsweek(July 19, 2010) had an article on the decline in creativity of young children because of too much internet, computers, video and not enough hands-on problem solving.

    For many kids there is no better hands on activity than woodworking. First and foremost woodworking teaches kids that is people who actually make things. And if people in general make things, then perhaps they can too. Children learn to use tools which leads to the empowering idea that if you want something which you canít find, buy, or afford, then you can build it. Woodworking teaches the various parts of a project are connected; you canít alter one without affecting the other. Kids learn things can be modified or fixed. Woodworking teaches the beginnings of design.

    Woodworking helps a child work on what they need to know: Kids in a hurry learn to slow down, those who want teacher approval for everything learn to be more independent, those who think they canít build anything learn they can, and those who think they know all about building learn they donít. Woodworking helps teach kids that adults, sometimes, do actually know something; it helps them listen. Amazingly, this all happens in just a few classes, almost like magic. Kids see the results of their decisions almost immediately (no tests involved) and without an adult having to say much, if anything.

    Not that long ago every high school, middle school and many elementary schools offered woodworking. Not any more. So its left to parents, grandparents and isolated outposts of Boys and Girls clubs, park departments, churches, daycares, and private schools to teach woodworking.

    Every year I start woodworking with a new group of kids I think,ďmaybe this year they wonít be interested; maybe this year there is just too much competition from electronic gadgets.Ē And every year, Iím amazed and surprised, again, that kids still like woodworking. Actually, they LOVE it. For kids, there is just some magic about taking a few tools, some wood and creating a project. And its the most interesting, fun, and meaningful woodworking Iíve done.
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    1. Pat Day's Avatar
      Pat Day -
      Love to recreate this locally. Do you have a curriculum you can post? Lesson plans, etc. would be nice to see.
      How do you handle liability and if you have any waivers the parents sign, that would be helpful, as well. Maybe I have too many lawyers for friends...but this stuff is getting more important by the day...
    1. Frederick Skelly's Avatar
      Frederick Skelly -
      Jack apparently hasnt logged on in several months Pat. You might have better luck sending an email. Look at his profile and there's a button.