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    Wood for one-man cross-cut saw handle (Votes: 23)

    1. Ash (Votes: 8)

    2. Cherry (Votes: 3)

    3. White Oak (Votes: 4)

    4. Red Oak (Votes: 0)

    5. Hard Maple (Votes: 2)

    6. Soft Maple (Votes: 2)

    7. Walnut (Votes: 1)

    8. Poplar (Votes: 0)

    9. Red Birch (Votes: 0)

    10. (other see post) (Votes: 3)

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    Patrick Chase

    Cross grain dado technique

    So this is ridiculously nit-picky, but...

    "cross-grain dado" is redundant, because all dados are cross-grain. If it's with the

    Patrick Chase Today, 2:22 PM Go to last post
    Jeff Ramsey

    Fixing a glue up gap?

    I cut them as thin as I can, and need, on a bandsaw. Then a card scraper with the shim held on a rubber mat. That lets me taper it, if needed. Then sandpaper.

    Jeff Ramsey Today, 2:19 PM Go to last post
    Patrick Chase

    Image of scraper burr

    Yes, exactly.

    That's why I prefer planes to scrapers (and scraping planes) at this point.

    Patrick Chase Today, 2:17 PM Go to last post
    James Alton

    New here - NC

    They are good, if someone has you over for dinner and pulls the meat you would never know it from chicken. I know that's everyone's favorite saying but

    James Alton Today, 2:15 PM Go to last post
    mreza Salav

    Fixing a glue up gap?

    I once made a cut on the wrong side of a big piece (post for a door-jamb) and realized it half-way through the cut. The first pic shows the screw-up.

    mreza Salav Today, 2:12 PM Go to last post