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    roger wiegand

    Sioux close quarter drill plastic fan

    I assumed the original part was injection molded, the technology I have available however would be to make a silicone rubber mold from the original part

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    Jim Matthews

    Biggest project yet

    Doesn't that defeat the purpose of buying finished panels? Is there a discreet corner that will be hidden in the assembly for a test pass?

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    roger wiegand

    Hexclad cookware

    No experience. I was very happy with my cast iron pans for a very long time (one was a wedding gift my grandmother received in 1915). Then we needed to

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    john schnyderite

    Biggest project yet

    Thanks again..so itís priming day. Wondering if I need to sand paint grade birch before putting a coat down. Is it too smooth to adhere properly?

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    Tim Booher

    Fuji Spray MM4 for EMTECH

    This is super helpful. I'm going to try to heat it to 75 degrees and try a 1.8mm N/N. I just bought a 5 gallon from target so I hope to learn how to use

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