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    bobby milam

    Next Wave advice

    It was an older one but I looked at them last time I was in Rocklers and grabbed the spindle and it still was moving. Maybe they fixed it on that model.

    bobby milam Today, 2:33 AM Go to last post
    Kev Williams

    Advice on Purchase - Yes or No

    My first laser I got in 2001, a 1997 New Hermes Optima (re-badged Universal), 25w Synrad, it was my New Hermes/Gravograph rep's demo machine. My BIL has

    Kev Williams Today, 2:28 AM Go to last post
    Andrew Seemann


    Push sticks are like tape measures, rulers, and safety glasses. It is best to saturate the shop with them, so there are always a few handy and within

    Andrew Seemann Today, 2:03 AM Go to last post
    Scott Winners

    Weather radio?

    All of my Garmin Rhinos have weather radio in them. They might be Rinos, I don't read that part of the device with any regularity. Pocket GPS devices

    Scott Winners Today, 1:56 AM Go to last post
    Jim Koepke


    Heal quick Steven.

    My push sticks are always close at hand before the saw is turned on.

    There are three

    Jim Koepke Today, 1:55 AM Go to last post