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    Michael Rutman

    Dust Collector recommendations

    Thread Starter: Michael Rutman

    Oh boy, reading the archives I can see this is not a simple question, which makes me feel good because I am completely lost. I have never owned a dust collector mostly due to inability to figure out what I need, and that needs to change. So, let me go over my shop, my needs, and then beg for...

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    John K Jordan

    NAS recommendations?

    Thread Starter: John K Jordan

    I’ve been trying to educate myself about NAS and have read a bunch of reviews from testers and users. Some have both glowing praise and horror stories for the same devices making it hard for the inexperienced to decide. I read some security vulnerability warnings too. Anyone have...

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    Bandsaw for small shop

    Thread Starter: JOEL MONGEON

    Hello everyone, I'm a hobbyist working out of a one car garage (12X19) shop. I have mostly been building up a Festool tool collection with some hand tools thrown into the mix. I've got a Sawstop JSS pro that I use for ripping but am looking to replace that with my first and hopefully last bandsaw....

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    Bernie Kopfer

    Drilling large deep holes on lathe with forestner dit

    Thread Starter: Bernie Kopfer

    This is a follow up question from a previous link Powermatic 3520b quill problem. I received the new quill and sure enough it moves in and out smooth as can be. So I apparently bent the old quill by attempting to drill a deep( 8") hole x3" Dia in a semi green piece of maple for a vase. I had...

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    Ron Hampe

    Laguna vacuum pumps

    Thread Starter: Ron Hampe

    Are they worth buying? They have a 2.5hp (109cfm/3.7"Hg) single phase for $900 and I would need 3 or 4 of those for my 49" x 98" table. By installing these with an isolated zone for each I believe the advantage would be a lower operating costs when cutting smaller parts. They also have a...

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    Doug Garson

    New (to me) General 350 Table Saw

    Thread Starter: Doug Garson

    Finally pulled the trigger on a new saw. Still love my Rockwell Beaver 34090A but thinking of some bigger projects and decided to get a full size cabinet saw. I'll be looking for a new home for the Rockwell Beaver once I get the General up and running. According to the seller this saw was used to...

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    Warren Lake

    reporposing some Piano parts

    thanks Doug, John I was there as well think in 83 for a day. Girlfriends parents bought me a Swiss Army knife it was my birthday. Still have it, not

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    Mel Fulks

    Cabinet update

    Of course the crown is dated….it is a real period design. Not a mishmash conjured up by a workman experimenting to see if his new
    flights of

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    Brian Elfert


    Sure, you can't put a window air conditioner in a casement window, but most houses old enough to need window air conditioners also tend not to have casement

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    Josh Davidson

    Moving my workshop

    I just bought a new home like a mile away with a much larger garage. I've been having a hell of a time finding a moving company. Most of the specialty

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    Scott Davis

    Cabinet update

    Good evening!
    we are looking to update our builder grade cabinets in the family room. They are 20 years old and mostly built with Butt joinery.

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