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    Jon Grider

    "Live edge lumber" musings

    Thread Starter: Jon Grider

    First, I do not wish to offend anyone, but I very well may and I apologize in advance if you are offended by my post. First rant is that I'm way over the "live edge furniture" movement. It floods the on line and Etsy/Pinterest type market and much of it imo cheapens the artistic, functional,...

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    Mitchell Andrus

    Plywood walls vs sheetrock

    Thread Starter: Mitchell Andrus

    If all goes according to my sinister plans, I 'll be closing on a shop that's 22X40 soon. (There's a house on the property too - man's gotta eat and sleep sometimes...) The house has 2, 2 car garages. It's currently bare studs and I'm torn between sheet rock and it's low cost and 1/2" plywood...

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    Thomas Crawford

    restoring a powermatic 15HH

    Thread Starter: Thomas Crawford

    So this thing followed me home finally last week. Its a bit of a mess but I'm hoping I can get it all cleaned up.

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    Jeffrey Kibler

    Jet DC-1100 and DC-1200 Vortex Cone Upgrade

    Thread Starter: Jeffrey Kibler

    Hi everyone. I have been away from the site for a while but i recently upgraded my Jet dust collector and added the vortex cone to it. The results were good enough to get me to reset my password and log in and post about it. I bought my DC-1100 about 8 or 9 years ago and i have the one with the...

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    lowell holmes

    Table Saw Kickback

    Thread Starter: lowell holmes

    I just watched a video made by Kelly Mahler on table saw kickback. He had the saw blade extended to full height. I set my blade height at the thickness of the wood and use a push stick. I did cut my thumb one time and had to go to the emergency room. By limiting the height of the blade, you...

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    Elmer Hayes

    Teak Outdoor Chair

    Thread Starter: Elmer Hayes

    Hello all.. I am interested in building a teak outdoor chair for ourselves designed and build by Michael Van Beuren called "San Miquelito Armchair". Has anyone ever seen free or paid plans for such a chair? Also having a bit of a problem deciding of how much $$$$ teak lumber to obtain. The...

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