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    Carroll Courtney

    Screen Door Material?

    Guys thinking about making a screen door for my future farm style house,wondering what would be a good long lasting wood. Yrs ago I got to go on a shop

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    Clifford McGuire

    Goodbye Tool Well

    I'm kind of a Pig Pen in real life. A look in my office or pickup would attest. But for some reason, I'm not that way in my workshop. I take out the

    Clifford McGuire Today, 5:58 PM Go to last post
    Mel Fulks

    What roller covers for contact cement?

    [QUOTE=Brian Elfert. I am only putting contact cement on the hardboard where the frames will touch.

    I think that yellow glue would be

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    Brian Elfert

    What roller covers for contact cement?

    I don't have a laminate supplier. I am just a hobbyist trying to minimize my financial outlay for this project. I am making cabinets for my RV. I got

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    Brice Rogers

    WOP finish

    The idea of displacing the oxygen to extend the can life is good. On occasion, I have injected some propane from a propane torch. It is substantially

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