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    Mike Henderson

    Windows 11

    Thread Starter: Mike Henderson

    Anybody download and install Windows 11? If so, what do you think of it? Mike

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    John Lifer

    Moving Plywood

    Thread Starter: John Lifer

    Ok, so having debated buying track saw to cut up MDF and plywood sheets, I've altered my thoughts back to moving the sheets around. Even with track saw this would be necessary. So anyone have experience with any sheet movers, i.e. Rockler material mate, or Bora Portamate, or any other...

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    Jack Frederick


    Thread Starter: Jack Frederick

    I understand the supply chain and help issues we are dealing with over all, or is that overall, but my frustration with FedEx is about at the limit. Historically they have always been so reliable, but they have driven the business off a cliff, from where I sit. We currently have three packages, one...

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    Clifford McGuire

    From an outbuilding woodshop to a basement. The journey begins.....

    Thread Starter: Clifford McGuire

    After 'country living' almost our entire lives, we are moving to a house in a subdivision. We've chosen our retirement location, a thousand miles from where we currently live. The move is a slow process. We bought the house a year ago, and are spending time at each place. We are tired of all...

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    Scott Winter

    100amp Subpanel Wiring

    Thread Starter: Scott Winter

    Hey all, I made a post about a week ago regarding the electrical situation in my attached garage. To run all of my new power tools I'm going to need to run a 100amp subpanel into my garage (have a 200amp main breaker box). My question is regarding the wire I'll need? It's going about 35ft,...

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    steven c newman

    2 boxes, a build along story

    Thread Starter: steven c newman

    I have a pair Craftsman/Sargent #79s.. And rather than having these 2 sitting out on a shelf, somewhere, I thought it would be nice to build a box/case to store them in...after all, my Stanley/Ward's #78 has such a case. So..Lowes sell "Project" lumber....Poplar, Oak, or Pine. Picked up 3...

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