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    Zachary Hoyt

    Odd plumbing leak

    Thank you both for the advice. There is no water getting out upstairs, or running down the side of the coupler, so wherever the water is coming from

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    Ralph Boumenot

    LN OI iron

    Reaching out to the Creek. WTB or trade an A2 iron for a Lie Nielsen 2 3/8" OI plane iron (4 1/2 or 51). Anyone have one (or two) hanging out in

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    Mel Fulks

    What 8" jointer would you get and why?

    When the chips are down Ödonít count them , or weigh them ! Faster to just sweep them up ! One of the little known woodworking
    secrets that

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    Michael Schuch

    Odd plumbing leak

    I always sand both mating surfaces with ~80-120grit. Then apply the primer once or twice before welding with the cement. The larger the pipe/fitting

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    Alan Kalker

    Outdoor bench with bent lamination curved legs

    White oak cut into very thin laminations.
    Agree that a rigid urea formaldehyde glue will be needed. Wear a good mask.
    Also agree youíll need

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