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    Thomas Marr

    Tools that are much better than you expected

    Thread Starter: Thomas Marr

    I have a lot of tools. My career was in new product innovation, so I'm always curious about new tools. I thought I'd start a thread about tools that were better than expected. 1. Ryobi cordless brad nailer: I have a friend who knows the guy that invented the technology TTI uses (or so he...

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    Chase Mueller

    How would one ask for a raise?

    Thread Starter: Chase Mueller

    I'd like to get some input from personal first-hand experiences when asking for a raise. I feel come July, I will be due for a raise, as it will mark one year at my job. Having spoken to my boss a few months ago about my future at the company and what not, he said we'd talk at my year mark. I have...

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    Corey Pelton

    Jointer recommendations?

    Thread Starter: Corey Pelton

    I searched through a bunch of old threads, but didn't really find what I'm looking for, so figured I'd ask. Anyway, I currently have a G0490X on back order, but I'm getting tired of the waiting game. The impatient person that I am, wants something asap. What would you guys recommend? I'm...

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    steven c newman

    A new build thread?

    Thread Starter: steven c newman

    Well, the current one is about completed.. But, I am having a few health issues going on. Not sure IF I'll be doing another large project anytime soon. More in the line of something I can just sit down at the bench...and cobble something small. Was in the Hospital over the weekend..AFIB...

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    Jim Becker

    CNC Ordered...(now ready to ship!)

    Thread Starter: Jim Becker

    I'm happy to say that my order for a Camaster Stinger II SR-44 with "most of the trimmings" is now placed, pending my check arriving at Camaster world headquarters. As has been echoed by others previously..."the wait begins". :o As soon as it warms up a bit, I can let our 100K+ honeybees know...

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    Michael Thames

    New to CNC Machines

    Thread Starter: Michael Thames

    Gonna probably get a Shapeoko next week unless in my research I come across something better. The software seems a bit overwhelming to me, but, something I can learn but will take some time. My question is... are there guys who will draw up files of specific designs I need, so I can for the...

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