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    Scott Winners

    Veritas skew rabbet sharpening challenges

    I did get my thing back today. Don't even ask for my machinist's phone number. At pick up I asked him (having plunked down for four hours of machine

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    Ross Moshinsky

    Sign material

    Go to Home Depot and buy a sheet of PVC. You're probably going to screw up your first sign. PVC is WAY cheaper than HDU.

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    Jacques Gagnon

    Best Router Table Setup Advice

    ...Reading into the future is not a skill I master, however, I am pretty good at predicting the past

    I have had my router table for 9

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    Ross Moshinsky

    Sheets for engraving

    Rowmark and Gravograph likely offered this material where it was widely available 20+ years ago. It hasn't been widely available in no less than 10 years.

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    John K Jordan

    3/8" Gouge Chatter??

    I hold pieces in the Articulated Carving and Finishing Post from Best Wood Tools. (I see he has it on sale right now; I paid a lot more than that for

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