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    Bill Dufour

    Leaked Battery Question

    Battery is dead so no electrical to worry about. I would core drill the center rod. Use a small piece of pipe or a roll pin.
    Bil lD

    Bill Dufour Today, 8:38 PM Go to last post
    Jim Koepke

    Thoughts on Sharp

    My intention was to not hijack Ken's thread on New Chisel Prep. This thread is to share thoughts on sharpening, sharpness and even testing sharpness.

    Jim Koepke Today, 8:35 PM Go to last post
    Bill Dufour

    Transmission Fluid Change

    BG? the issue is power flushing can stir things up. A drain and overfill, start engine drain through cooler hose, stop over refill a few times does

    Bill Dufour Today, 8:34 PM Go to last post
    Tom M King

    Transmission Fluid Change

    We have one vehicle with 350,000 miles, and another with 274,000. Others in decades preceding those, have gone for similar mileages. We've never had

    Tom M King Today, 8:33 PM Go to last post
    Bill George

    Tinker toy and waste of money?

    My wife has her money, more than I have thanks to some wise investments. I have my money from several good pensions, and investments. We both pay into

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