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    Alex Zeller

    Drill chuck needed for lathe

    I have a cheap keyless chuck I got off ebay for less than $20. It looks the same as in my Craft Supply catalog. I have a feeling that there's a couple

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    David Kumm

    Drum Sander Choice

    I put a Wixey on my old 25x2 Performax and liked it. I used it mainly for sanding bandsawn veneer because the metal drum and hard paper conveyor allowed

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    David Sloan

    Question: Grizzly 490X

    I have the Shopfox equivalent of that jointer (straight knives though). I love the jointer but I try to avoid changing the fence position for that reason

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    Mike Mulville

    Biesemeyer Fence Glide Pads

    Great suggestions! The pads are .095 worn out so I'm ordering .125 x .75 x 2 foot uhmw for $3! I should be able to make what I need from that. Thank you.

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    Gary Hair

    Engraving Bricks

    For speed you need to sandcarve for sure. My office is in Suwanee, Satellite Blvd about a mile from Lawrenceville-Suwanee Rd.

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