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    Jim Allen

    Time for some levity

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    Rick Potter

    Carbon offset

    Thank you Bill. I have never been told before what those figures mean in real life. Now they make a bit of sense to me, giving me an understandable

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    John K Jordan

    Persimmon rustlers

    We have dozens of persimmon trees, the native US type, Diospyros virginiana, also called White Ebony or American Ebony. I never heard of Asian Persimmons.

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    Don Stephan

    Varigrind Adjustment Options

    Has anyone seen explanations of how different common shapes/grinds (Irish/Elsworth, traditional, 40-40, et cetera) can be produced using a Varigrind jig?

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    Don Stephan

    400 cope cuts on a router table

    Surprised no one has asked, is it something you might rather pass along to a production outfit? Granted it is for a friend, but quite a few negatives

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