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    Bill Dufour

    Walnut shavings for plant mulch?

    Walnut is acidic and some plants do not like acid soil. Western USA plants tend to like alkali because the deserts are alkali. Hydrangeas reversibly

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    Bill Dufour

    Source for Reclaimed White Oak Beam

    25 years ago we used to get 10x10 oak beams in the San Franciscio area. These were used as dunnage to ship big pipe on railcars from Pennsyvania. You

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    Michael Costa

    Oak or Soft Maple....

    Lol, I'm back. I just found out that a 10% solution of sodium nitrite will turn white oak almost black. Is this an option prior to using a gel stain?

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    Michael Costa

    Oak or Soft Maple....

    One more follow up question. The black/ebony stains I have are oil based. Can I use this gel stain on top of a water based dye after it completely dries?

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    Jim Koepke

    Frustrated with low angle plane

    Not being Doug, this is my understanding of the effect Leonard Bailey explained in his patent to allow the use of thinner blades. The pressure of the

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