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    1. Delta Biesemeyer 78919B Type 2 (Votes: 2)

    2. SawStop TGP2-FA (Votes: 6)

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    roger wiegand

    How much hp does a shaper need?

    I've never even slightly slowed the motor on my 3HP Delta shaper, but I also don't run any huge cutters (the thing terrified me as it is) For cope and

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    Kyle Iwamoto


    Hmmm. Polar viewpoints.
    I'm going to say try the freezer. Ice water helps break CA when you glue your fingers together. The wife taught me that.

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    John K Jordan

    Tell us a CLEAN joke!

    I went for a hearing test today. It reminded me of this.

    A guy decided to test his wife's hearing loss. She was working in the kitchen

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    jared herbert

    Shaker Box Questions...

    John Wilson, mentioned above is the man. I have made hundreds of shaker boxes. They sell readily especially around Christmas. I bought all my materials

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    Alexander Young

    Love It:

    1. When my square meets up perfectly with my saw blades and then to my work piece.
    2. Trees changing colors in the fall.
    3. Flowing effortlessly

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