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    Mike Henderson

    Windows 11

    Thread Starter: Mike Henderson

    Anybody download and install Windows 11? If so, what do you think of it? Mike

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    Scott Kilroy

    Looking to move out of New York City

    Thread Starter: Scott Kilroy

    Hi, I've lived my entire life in New York City, mostly in the outer boroughs not Manhattan, so it semi-suburban. My wife and I are in our 50s and we don't take advantage of what the city has to offer anymore our kids are grown and we're just getting fed up with New York. We want to move...

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    Kev Williams

    Computer guru's?

    Thread Starter: Kev Williams

    I'm okay with computers but hardly a 'guru', and I need one... I've been posting up lately about how all my win7's are acting like they're swimming in quicksand. So I picked up a nice used Dell Optiplex 790 off ebay. Been setting it up for the past week. I've installed Service Pack 1, no other...

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    Scott Kilroy

    Considering a Ford Maverick

    Thread Starter: Scott Kilroy

    The Maverick seems like the perfect size and price for a truck (for me). I hardly ever carry sheet goods so the small space is OK. Here's my dilemma, I understand the Maverick is based on a car platform. I've had really bad experiences owning Ford cars (my understanding is their trucks are...

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    John Stankus

    Drum Sander Questions

    Thread Starter: John Stankus

    I have been asked to teach an extra course this summer. I was thinking about perhaps buying a drum sander with the extra pay. My issue is my limited space in the shop. I know the mantra is bigger is better, but I do need to still be able to maneuver in my shop. I have been looking at the...

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    Boris Nimipad

    Solid wood panels - what hand plane for smoothing

    Thread Starter: Boris Nimipad

    Hi Currently I mainly work with, not sure how it is called in english, solid wood panels width longitudinal joint (finger joint) made from spruce, already sanded out from the shop with granulation 80. What hand plane (LV or LN) would be best for smoothing to get glass-smooth surface. I'm...

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