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    Frederick Skelly

    How can Keith fund SMC in the future?

    Thread Starter: Frederick Skelly

    I'm doing this in the open to get opinions from Members and Contributors. Ad revenue is down due to ad blocking software and it takes money to operate this site. As I understand it, in a year or so, something will need to change to keep the site open, unless he sells to a big company. Please...

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    Van Huskey

    Lets talk bandsaw blades!

    Thread Starter: Van Huskey

    First, let me say I do not claim to be a bandsaw blade expert but I am planning to share the conventional wisdom and personal experience I have gleened over the years. Feel free to point out where your experience or understanding of conventional wisdom differs from mine. Cliff's Notes at the...

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    David Ragan

    Saw files

    Thread Starter: David Ragan

    Have some expected to be excellent Disston saws from Pete Taran and Mike Allen. Both guys above have been great--now I need time. Have some BORG saws to practice saw sharpening What brand of files do you all get? Does it make a difference?

    Last Post By: Tom M King Yesterday, 7:29 PM Go to last post
    John Hart

    I Wanna Build Something

    Thread Starter: John Hart

    As many of you know, I just bought my dream home and we're in the middle of making it a fantasy homestead. One of the things I got with this place is a 22 Horsepower diesel engine that is located in the woodshop. (The Amish gentleman who was the previous owner used it to power all his woodworking...

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    Julie Moriarty

    Planer Won't Maintain Thickness

    Thread Starter: Julie Moriarty

    I'm running boards through a Dewalt 735, taking 1/4 turn per pass. Everything is fine until the handle on the wheel reaches about 270 degrees. At that point the planer head slowly starts creeping lower, making the depth of cut greater. It seems the vibration, combined with the weight of the...

    Last Post By: David Utterback Yesterday, 2:55 PM Go to last post
    Greg Parrish

    Sharpening for chisels and planes

    Thread Starter: Greg Parrish

    With my new Lie-Nielson planes showing up and a handful of their chisels on the way, Iíve been reading about sharpening stones till Iím dizzy. I have a tormek with jigs but think I probably need flat stones for the best edge. Are the Shapton glass stones best? Something like this setup? ...

    Last Post By: Jason Martin Winnipeg Yesterday, 3:31 PM Go to last post