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    David Publicover

    Need advice on glueing Teak

    Hi Julie,
    I never epoxy bungs in on my boat ( a Perry designed CheoyLee with lots of teak trim) as it is impossible to remove them later if necessary.

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    Curt Harms

    Jointer pllaner choices

    I also have a Jet JJP-12 and my experience is like Dick's. I mostly work with domestic hardwoods not gnarly or figured materials so straight knives have

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    Erik Loza

    New bandsaw blade question

    My rule: Apply only as much tension as needed in order to get the cut you want. With a TriMaster, the tension needed to cut something like 8/4 wood is

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    Frank Pratt

    Ceiling Fan Blades

    All the wooden fan blades I've installed (and there have been a lot) have been plywood, usually 3 thin veneers.

    Here's my process for balancing

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    David Sochar


    You can 'open up' the design of the supplied air helmets and rearrange for the relatively stationary work you do. You don't need a hard hat, so get rid

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