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    mark mcfarlane

    Limiter shaper tooling (MAN) discussion

    Thread Starter: mark mcfarlane

    Background: I'm about to purchase my first shaper tooling for a 5HP Minimax CU300 combo machine with 1 1/4" spindle. I also purchased a Minimax articulating arm to hold a stock feeder (swings out of the way), but haven't installed the 'swing arm' yet (it came with no instructions and I haven't...

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    Van Huskey

    Lets talk bandsaw blades!

    Thread Starter: Van Huskey

    First, let me say I do not claim to be a bandsaw blade expert but I am planning to share the conventional wisdom and personal experience I have gleened over the years. Feel free to point out where your experience or understanding of conventional wisdom differs from mine. Cliff's Notes at the...

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    John Hart

    I Wanna Build Something

    Thread Starter: John Hart

    As many of you know, I just bought my dream home and we're in the middle of making it a fantasy homestead. One of the things I got with this place is a 22 Horsepower diesel engine that is located in the woodshop. (The Amish gentleman who was the previous owner used it to power all his woodworking...

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    Julie Moriarty

    Justifying A Major Tool Purchase

    Thread Starter: Julie Moriarty

    Doing my best to keep the "I WANT IT!" out of this debate, here's the facts: I've been able to deal with not having a power jointer and using a benchtop planer because the supplier back in Chicago did mill work and the wood in stock was planed. Since moving to Florida, that's changed. ...

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    Greg Parrish

    Combo jointer / planer question

    Thread Starter: Greg Parrish

    First question, would anyone regret going from a dewalt 13” with shelix head and 6” powermatic 54a with shelix head to a 12” combo unit with straight knives? Second question, How do the pack compare? What is the best machine for the price now? Looks like the jet units cost as much as the...

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    Wade Lippman

    Car battery question...

    Thread Starter: Wade Lippman

    Wife has a 4.5 year old Mazda CX9 on the first battery. Wednesday night she left the dome light on for 20 hours. Next day it wouldn't start. Dome light was still bright though. I put a charger on it. It showed 12.2v. I charged it for 3 hours at 15a, and 1 hour tapering down to 2a, and it...

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