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    Jack Frederick

    Bessey Clamps

    I, too, have some of the red handled j’s and use them all the time. Well, actually less of the time now as I picked up some Dubuques and they have

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    John K Jordan

    Danger, Will Robinson!

    Wise move to power done the compressor when leaving the shop. A friend lost his shop and all tools to fire when a failure caused his big compressor to

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    Steve Rozmiarek

    Garage cost...are you kidding me?

    Good catch! You are correct.

    A subcategory of the ACQ is AC2, which is a heavier application of ACQ. This is the cedar tone "ground

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    Pat Rice

    Sawstop sliding table

    Couple of years ago I researched the smaller SS sliding table, that took me down a rabbit hole and into the world of sliding table saws. Long story short

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    Andrew More

    Cyclone Collector Bags?

    Fair enough. I have been reusing my original Grizzly bags, and was forced to throw away the last one after I found a break/cut in the bag. I think it's

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