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    Michael Drew

    Relocating: South Dakota?

    Thread Starter: Michael Drew

    I am hoping there might be some SD residents here, or maybe others who know the state? I'm sorting through my options of finding a suitable place to relocate to and retire within the next 24 months. I have lived all over the country, but my driver's license has been AK since I first got it. I...

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    roger wiegand

    how would you make this chamfered edge?

    Thread Starter: roger wiegand

    As part of rebuilding an organ action I need to make a board with an array of 72 wells in it. The wells are about 3/8" deep and 1-1/8" " in diameter. Clearly drilling the holes is easy, but how would you reproduce the chamfered edge (there are several reasons why it is important to the eventual...

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    Steve Mathews

    Replacing Shop Lighting

    Thread Starter: Steve Mathews

    The last 2 trips to HD left me empty handed in attempting to buy some replacement 8' fluorescent tubes for my shop. They were completely out of them both trips. I don't know if this is a supply chain issue or incentive to move towards LED replacements but this may be a good time to make the...

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    Jim Luton

    Grizzly 1023RLW vs Harvey Alpha HW110TC-36P

    Thread Starter: Jim Luton

    I have to order a new TSaw very soon, and I'm torn between these 2 saws. I was sorry to hear about Chris Sonego's trials and tribulations with his Grizzly purchase, as I had just about decided on the 1023 as a solid, very basic machine. The Harveys look nice, with what appear to be good features,...

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    Zachary Hoyt

    Should I buy a mini-bus? Am I out of my mind?

    Thread Starter: Zachary Hoyt

    I'll preface this by saying that I know this is a pretty odd question, but I figured that there are a lot of wise people on this forum who might have experience with this type of thing, or advice. I bid a couple of weeks ago on a bus in an online auction. I was the back bidder, and today the...

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    Steve Mathews

    Hand Plane Cabinet Hinges?

    Thread Starter: Steve Mathews

    The hand plane cabinet shown below is my first cabinet making attempt. The inset door with a glass panel still needs to be installed but I'm having a hard time deciding which type of hinge to use. I put together a sample european style hinge and a butt hinge and it seems the former has some...

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