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    Andrew Hughes

    How long does it take you to build these doors (paint grade)?

    My best guess for my shop is 2 6/8 hour days. They look simple enough I would use my tablesaw for the jointery .
    I could easily hand plane any

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    Phillip Mitchell

    shaper fences, PM 26

    Can you be more specific or post photos of what is not working for you? Are you saying the tolerances / quality is off or the design is poor or?

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    Ron Selzer

    shaper fences, PM 26

    I have had a PM26 Shaper over 30 years and have less than hours use on it, Grizzly power feeder new in box will have its 30th birthday in a few months.

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    Rege Sullivan

    Pictures, can't see em

    Pictures are visible now... don't know if it's coincidence or some changed something. Either way... Thanks for all the time and hard work that goes in

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    Ron Selzer

    Barn doors

    switched the bigger doors over to mostly metal due to traditional way never lasting more than 20-30 years. metal u ends with 2x6 crossways and metal skin.

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