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    Rick Potter

    New Ford Maverick mini truck

    Thread Starter: Rick Potter

    I have pretty much decided to get the new Maverick mini truck, but I will wait until they bring out a plug in hybrid version. One thing that has bothered me is that it is assembled in Mexico, but if that is the only place making one, so be it. Yes I am aware of the Hyundai, but the bed is less...

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    bob cohen

    New shop done!

    Thread Starter: bob cohen

    It's been so long since I gave a report on the progress of my new shop (fourth overall), that I thought It would be best to just create a new post. Ok, it's not completely done, but nearly so, and it's clean. I have a drum sander arriving Monday, which will be the last equipment item going in. ...

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    Aaron Rosenthal

    Do I need a shoulder plane?

    Thread Starter: Aaron Rosenthal

    Because I have a particular project on the go, the use of a skew rabbit plane was the unit of choice for part of the joinery. Today I got one, a right handed one and Iíll be setting it up on Sunday. I have, however, both a medium and large shoulder plane, and a large jointer plane. Every...

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    Bob Riefer

    next iteration of barn shop floorplan

    Thread Starter: Bob Riefer

    Today, my shop is essentially 4 zones: 1 - Multi-purpose room that has a small curtain-contained area for spraying finishes, but is shared with the kids 2 - What I call the "Assembly" area.. clamps, fasteners, workbench, measuring tools, hand tools... glue ups happen here etc. 3 - The...

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    Johnny Barr

    Mafell DDF40 Duo Doweller - Domino now has some competition

    Thread Starter: Johnny Barr

    Watched some videos including this one ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Td8aKnDm5cI ) ( https://produkte.mafell.de/en/drilling/duodoweler/duodoweler-ddf-40 ) and I was very impressed and it has sparked my curiosity. The fence is better with a rack and pinion system, a better engineered cross stop,...

    Last Post By: Keegan Shields Today, 7:13 PM Go to last post
    dennis thompson

    I will NEVER understand my wife

    Thread Starter: dennis thompson

    When we moved into our house it has a large laundry room but no cabinets so I built a couple which came out pretty nice and serve the purpose. Ever since (about 5 years) my wife has said: " we need to buy some real cabinets because buyers want a really nice laundry room". We have agreed that we...

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