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    Andrew Joiner

    Electric Cars - I'm Trying to be Open Minded

    Thread Starter: Andrew Joiner

    A good friend was ecstatic about his new Nissan Leaf. He'd say"Lots of advantages, no oil changes! 90 mile range with no heat or air conditioning" He got around fine. That was 4 years ago. Recently I saw him walking. He said " thank goodness there's 2 chargers in town now my range dropped...

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    Thomas Marr

    Tools that are much better than you expected

    Thread Starter: Thomas Marr

    I have a lot of tools. My career was in new product innovation, so I'm always curious about new tools. I thought I'd start a thread about tools that were better than expected. 1. Ryobi cordless brad nailer: I have a friend who knows the guy that invented the technology TTI uses (or so he...

    Last Post By: Larry Frank Today, 7:28 PM Go to last post
    Chase Mueller

    How would one ask for a raise?

    Thread Starter: Chase Mueller

    I'd like to get some input from personal first-hand experiences when asking for a raise. I feel come July, I will be due for a raise, as it will mark one year at my job. Having spoken to my boss a few months ago about my future at the company and what not, he said we'd talk at my year mark. I have...

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    Corey Pelton

    Jointer recommendations?

    Thread Starter: Corey Pelton

    I searched through a bunch of old threads, but didn't really find what I'm looking for, so figured I'd ask. Anyway, I currently have a G0490X on back order, but I'm getting tired of the waiting game. The impatient person that I am, wants something asap. What would you guys recommend? I'm...

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    Chase Mueller

    Children+Mailbox= Me not happpy

    Thread Starter: Chase Mueller

    Y'all.. I need someone to try and break this down for me. I have a problem with my mailbox. Recently moved into a new home, and three times now, I've left for work, and my mailbox has been dented slightly and/or leaning badly/on the ground. I suspect kids, the neighborhood is full of them. I've...

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    steven c newman

    A new build thread?

    Thread Starter: steven c newman

    Well, the current one is about completed.. But, I am having a few health issues going on. Not sure IF I'll be doing another large project anytime soon. More in the line of something I can just sit down at the bench...and cobble something small. Was in the Hospital over the weekend..AFIB...

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    by Published on 02-27-2011 5:33 PM     Number of Views: 14787 

    Do you have woodworking knowledge you're just dying to share?
    Want to be an author at Sawmill Creek?

    Now you have a new area to publish articles!

    If you want to publish an article, you can join our authors group, which gives you access to a forum which is open only to would-be authors at SawmillCreek. This is a staging area for new articles, where you can post a new article, and we'll review for publication. Once you're ready to publish it, we'll promote it on the front page of SawmillCreek!

    The process is simple:

    1. Join the Authors group by visiting this page.
    2. Once you have access, visit the Authors forum.
    3. Start your article by creating a new thread in that forum.


    If your article is too long for a single post, don't fret ! Spread your article over multiple posts, and we'll merge them together into a single post when the article is ready to be published.

    Try posting pictures inline for visual interest.

    Choose a catchy, yet descriptive title!

    Writer's Block?

    We're looking for tool reviews, woodworking tips, woodturning techniques, jigs and fixtures, finished projects step-by-step, finishing techniques, social woodworking experiences, and even good compilations of our existing thread topics.

    Good luck and Happy writing!
    _Aaron Koehl_