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    Daniel Kluk

    Dewalt MBF 248

    I am up to 100 after just buying this one for $150. Did a new table and it looks perfectly sq.
    Its a delta 20a smaller one. My objective was to

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    roger wiegand

    Wood turning blanks online

    I wrote a long response, but it vanished. I guess I forgot to push the send button.

    Drying thick wood takes forever and then it is hard

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    Tom Bain

    roasted hard maple

    Jim -- I hear you ... I typically use Unibond (plastic resin) for any bent lamination work regardless of whether it's indoor or outdoor, because of the

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    Eli Akin

    I 'm confused...

    I have been using a standard type 9 Bailey number 4 for a while. I LOVE it. I only paid $30 for it and I have restored it and I can take beautiful shavings

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    Dave Sabo

    Sanding Swirls with festool ETS 150

    Too large and orbit and not a high enough grit to get rid of previous marks.

    To much suction can also contribute.

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