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    Jim Koepke

    Repair or replace?

    Repairing is something you can likely do with what you may already have on hand. It is usually my first choice to repair if possible. In this case it

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    Bill Carey

    piano foot pedal repair

    My neighbor came over with a couple of pieces of her piano and asked me to see if I could repair it. The connection between the foot pedal box and the

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    Martin Wasner

    Shaker door and drawer questions

    I'd be curious to see them in action. I agree the screws are ugly, but they're bullet proof. We use regular wood screws and pull them in flush with

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    Mark Katz

    Jointech Router Bit Set

    When I bought my Jointech IPM and router table setup some 15 years ago, somehow I inadvertently ended up with two of these router bit sets. This second

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    Jenny Trice

    Hollow form collars/lids

    Here is the one that drew the comments. Apologies for the poor picture. I just took one for the purpose of this conversation. It is about 6 inches

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