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    Patrick Walsh

    Vintage Martin T75 restoration

    Thread Starter: Patrick Walsh

    So I have a opportunity to purchase the above machine for a fair deal from my employer. I am aware of the phenolic guides being pop riveted I the the sliding table along with not availible for replacement. So my question is as follows to those in the know with regard to the phenolic ways....

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    Malcolm Schweizer

    I'm finally building my boat.

    Thread Starter: Malcolm Schweizer

    I lofted the station moulds for her about six years ago, but we moved to a place with less room to build a boat, so she went on hold. I have borrowed a place to build and am going to make all the bits and pieces in my shop, then assemble them in the borrowed space. This is going to be a slow...

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    Dave Rosner

    Big table....big boards...

    Thread Starter: Dave Rosner

    Hi all - Im building a 112 x 44 walnut dining table with 10/4 boards for the top. Im having a heck of a time running the 7-11 boards through my 8 jointer an 12 planner. Im using the method of partially flattening 8 of the face and then running through my planner using a base that supports...

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    Jeff Bartley

    Modern cordless tools

    Thread Starter: Jeff Bartley

    Good Saturday everyone, I just wanted to see what others experience has been with the current crop of cordless tools, specifically the lithium-ion stuff with electronics. I pose the question because of my own trials this year with warranty work on a Milwaukee drill/driver combo that I bought...

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    Wade Holloway

    Surface Rust

    Thread Starter: Wade Holloway

    One year ago our house was struck by lightning and we had a major structure fire. My shop was in the garage and originally was not involved with any damage, but as the contractors worked they did not secure it very well and we had some rain damage to that area. All the equipment was wiped down and...

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    Roger M. Davis

    Drying bowl blanks

    Thread Starter: Roger M. Davis

    I have called every pet shop in town trying to find Silica Gel cat litter to us as a drying agent. It is hard to find. I think I will order it. Anyway I was just thinking why not use my vaccumn pump to pull out the water? Has anyone done this. I know when you stabilize pen blanks they tell you to...

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