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    Travis Conner

    Having tools delivered by freight truck?

    Thread Starter: Travis Conner

    The neighbors have a forklift, but I hate having to ask them since a lot of people do. If I pay the 50 dollar lift gate fee does that mean they're going to just drop it off in front of the shop or can I at least get the guy to roll it just inside the door of the shop? I know a lot of those third...

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    Travis Conner


    Thread Starter: Travis Conner

    Anyone use these? I was ripping some 8ft long boards and noticed the last 12" of board was pulling away from the fence before it went through the blade. Now I haven't built my outfeed table and the thought of using those roller stands doesn't really appeal to me. Since i dont have someone to tail...

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    Thomas McCurnin

    Sharpening Mortise Chisels

    Thread Starter: Thomas McCurnin

    In advance of a hand tool joinery class, I will be expected to use and sharpen chisels. No problem with bench chisels, I have taken a sharpening class and bench chisels fit nicely into my Veritas MKII honing guide. But to my surprise, a mortise chisel is too thick to fit into the MKII. So...

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    Patrick Walsh

    OMG Iím in love. AGIAN.....

    Thread Starter: Patrick Walsh

    Just stumble down upon these looking for a Wadkin dm. Sent original poster a message but wonder if anyone can tell me more about these machines. Namely can you find one and if so how and where. Thanks again, http://vintagemachinery.org/photoindex/detail.aspx?id=32627

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    Danielle Chavez

    Chinese Fiber Engraver cant get to work

    Thread Starter: Danielle Chavez

    Got a used fiber off EBay that my computer won't recognize any drivers and therefore, ezcad won't work. I have tried windows 7 and 10 64bit and about 4 versions of drivers and 5 versions of ezcad. Does anyone recognize this board that can provide some guidance? Do i maybe need 32bit...

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    Pete Staehling

    Low speed for 12" disk sander

    Thread Starter: Pete Staehling

    Okay so I have been happily using my Harbor Freight 12" disk sander for a few years. I never really gave it much thought, but it is really hard to not burn cherry when sanding it. I developed the habit of doing some small sanding operations when the sander was spinning down and realized that...

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    johnny means

    Assembly table

    Looks plenty special to me. I find great beauty in utility and efficiency. I'll take a well built, flat plywood work surface over some cupped hardwood

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    Stan Calow

    Coronavirus _ worried?

    Its not the death rate that's the problem, its the potential for high rates of sick people, filling hospital beds, unable to work and earn money, schools

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    Pat Barry

    Coronavirus _ worried?

    Misinformation is worse than no information, particularly about things like this where there is a clear lack of good information. The death rate may

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    Pat Barry

    Coronavirus _ worried?

    The death rate is approximated as 2%. Contrast that with typical flu of 0.1% and coronavirus is 20x worse death rate than the flu.

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    glenn bradley

    Dust collector for table saw?

    Well, this should start some conversation :-) A fundamental of dust collection is to collect the fine dust at the source to keep it from becoming airborne.

    glenn bradley Today, 9:12 PM Go to last post