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    Todd Bluth

    Tabletop Cupping--HELP!!

    Thanks everyone for the input! Jim, I think ordinarily fastening the table down would be just fine, but this is actually a floating tabletop on runners

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    Brian Elfert

    USPS Follies

    How is it Ebay's fault that the USPS is slow delivering a package? Ebay is simply using tracking information they are receiving from the USPS. The PDT

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    Jim Matthews

    Love It:

    The smell of freshly split Oak.
    The first hot stove fire in Fall.

    The smell of mittens drying on the stove.

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    Mark Rainey


    John, your turned goblet with chip carving is beautiful!

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    Terry Therneau

    dust collection plenum for multiple machines?

    Yes, I was guilty of ignoring turbulence, and will stand corrected in that regard. Any transition from round to square, square to round, sharp corner,

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