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    Stew Denton

    Stanley 45/55 Company Box Labels


    The photos listed above to print off include the label for the Stanley Tools made in Canada.


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    Rob Luter

    Fuming results

    Thanks Bill. It’s just S. C. Johnson in the yellow can. I actually prefer it to Briwax.

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    Mark Bolton

    Simple one axis controllers?

    From a total neophyte perspective I think if your looking for dead accuracy or cross referenced positioning (dro/encoder/servo/stepper/with some sort

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    Bill Carey

    Fuming results

    Another great piece Rob. Really like the color - your finishing is top notch. What brand of paste wax do you use?

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    Mark Bolton

    Elroy's Hot sauce

    Serano's without a doubt my favorite all around pepper. Pretty much best flavor out there for any readily available mildly hot pepper. I ditch the tomatoes

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