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    Phil Mueller

    Made in China sentiment

    Thread Starter: Phil Mueller

    As a retail small business owner, selling a number of high quality made in China products, Im curious of any changes in consumer sentiment. Given the current pandemic, will made in China products be more of a deal breaker, or the same? Obviously, if you avoided made in China in the past, you...

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    Randall J Cox

    Outdoor Paitio Furniture Wood Recommendation?

    Thread Starter: Randall J Cox

    Looking at building 4 good sized outdoor chairs. Talked with specialty hardwood lumber co folks and of white oak, mahogany or hard maple, the rock maple was the cheapest by far. I have built a couple of large patio tables out of white oak and unless I keep them covered during the winter rainy...

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    Aaron Rosenthal

    Will you go back to your place of employment?

    Thread Starter: Aaron Rosenthal

    Im semi retired, so aside from a few friends who regularly call on me for repairs, and my charitable work, an office or steady away from home workspace is not a concern. Many of you out there are working from home or are otherwise stuck there. It reminds me of the old I married you for better...

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    Dan Gaylin

    Forstner bit problems

    Thread Starter: Dan Gaylin

    So I was doing the rare bit of spindle work (I mostly do bowls) and I was trying to get a 1 3/4” diameter recess for a candle in a cherry candlestick I had turned. I put my 2 MT drill chuck in the tail stock and put a 1 3/4” forstner bit into the chuck. Set my lathe to its lowest speed. Brought...

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    Andrew Dale

    Minimax/Tecnomax CU410 Elite

    Thread Starter: Andrew Dale

    Hey everyone! I'm relatively new here in posting, but have been a lurker for quite some time. I've come upon the opportunity to buy the machine in the title, a 2007 SCM Tecnomax CU410 Elite. Having a smaller shop, it's somewhat a dream to be able to have something this functional in such a...

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    Bruce Lowekamp

    Amazing tool deal

    Thread Starter: Bruce Lowekamp

    I'm not quite sure if this goes in the power tool or this forum, but I'm picking here. Here is an ad I've gotten several times today on FB. I can import this cheaply if I'm just willing to wait a couple of weeks:

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