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  1. Design Process - My approach (Design Developement continued)

    LOML wanted to see a lower shelf on the tall version. What LOML wants, she gets.


    I then tape them up to the wall to review and consider for a while.


    With all of this there was no clear winner. I liked both the tall version and the shorter version. What to do then? Of course, mock up each.
  2. Design Process - My approach (Design Developement)

    After sitting on the idea for a while, I decided it stall had merit. So the next step is to draw it up. I tend to work in 3"=1'-0" scale for a project of this size. I had initially conceived of this as a small table to sit by the couch that LOML might put her magazines or laptop on. I first drew it up as if it were right for that purpose. I chose to start with it being square in proportion when viewed from the front. I draft it out out in proportion and then sketch over it in trace. Here ...
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  3. Excalibur EX-21

    i have had my new/used Excalibur EX-21 scroll saw for about a month now and im finally starting to get the hang of it.
    it needed a few things at first and still does but im happy with the way its running and i have made a few nice items.
    this saw really lives up to its reputation! very very solid saw, the tilting head is a great feature.
    i need to find a good magnifier/light to use with the saw along with a small vac for dust collection.
    i just wish it was still painted ...
  4. Incra 2000 cutting small segments

    Recently i was setting up my incra 2000 miter gauge to cut some small pieces(one inch) at the widest on 15 degree ...when i notice my fingers weren't all that comfortable with the distance to the blade.
    after 70 plus years i've become accustom to the balance of 10 fingers ..does anyone have any suggestions for a hold down for this Incra
  5. twillusa


    We have a Epilog 45 watt mini and 3 Melco Amaya embroidery machines. If you look at the photos, and if I were to embroider that design the number of stitches would run the cost up to around $100 for the sweatshirt, plus it takes alot of time to stitch out a large design. (remember how thin a thread is) Now if I use the twill instead of stitching, the same sweatshirt will run around $40.00.

    The Sports Twill comes in PSA and PSA PERM. The PSA would be used if I wanted ...
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