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  1. How to make raised panels on a table saw.

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    When I first started making better quality furniture, money was pretty tight back then and I had just purchased a new table saw. LOML always want raised panels on the doors and drawers. The only methods I could find on the internet that showed how to make raise panels, left a sharp corner on the edges of the raised part of each panel. One day after playing around a bit, I came up with a way to make nice raised panels that had a smoother transition from the beveled surface to the face of the panel.
  2. vintage Craftsman table saw upgrade

    Quote Originally Posted by glenn bradley View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Mrsa View Post
    Glenn, I had the wrong number. Correct model number is 113.29901.
    This thread may help. Besides Grandpa's 1950 Emerson I had a 1970's "113." contractor. I added a decent fence, PALs, machined pulleys and a link belt. I also wrapped a 90# bag of Redi-crete in plastic and tossed it in the base for ballast.
    Emerson Saw.jpg
    I could get the blade very well aligned at 90 degrees but, as with nearly all contractor format saws, bevel cuts were a challenge.
  3. would this shop improvement be "worth it"?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Dufour View Post
    Will those stairs be covered to keep snow and ice away?
    Trenchless is the search term to use.
    Bill D.
    hmmmm. Very good thought. Last few years hasnít had much cold weather but I agree with your idea of
    covering the stairs being beneficial. Thanks!!
  4. Witherby no. 110 block plane

    Quote Originally Posted by Zac wingert View Post

    Here is the box it was in.
    That is a product with the Witherby name and likely nothing to do with the T H Witherby legacy, at least to my knowledge.

    It may be someone who had rights to use the name. It may be the trade mark to the name has become public domain.

    There is also Witherby Publishing, seems to be mostly maritime titles.

    More research would be in order if it is something you have to ...
  5. New R4512 saw buying experience at Home Depot,first it's bad then it's excellent

    Quote Originally Posted by dennis thompson View Post
    Went to Home Depot on Saturday to buy the Ridgid R4512 saw. Worked with two different associates, both of whom were completely useless, I wanted to make sure the saw was made in 2016, after the trunnion issue was fixed. Left the store completely annoyed with them. I really wanted the saw so I went back early Sunday morning and asked for the manager. It was like I was in a different store, the manager and his assistant were great. They got a fork lift to get the saws down from a high rack, allowed
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